Accelerating 5G Small Cell Deployment With Fault Managed Power
Date & Time
Thursday, August 25, 2022, 9:15 AM - 10:15 AM
David Olps

Room 404

ETA will provide 1 (one) CEC for this session

Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) have spent the past couple years increasing 5G coverage by augmenting macro cells with mid-spectrum radios. Outdoor small cell deployment declined because COVID-19 kept people away from offices and people out of entertainment and shopping areas. In addition, logistical hurdles impeded the deployment of dense wireless networks in urban and suburban areas. As the small cell hiatus comes to an end, the MNOs are seeking new solutions that overcome the deployment hurdles. One new solution is the advent of a new, safe, distributed power technology known as Fault Managed Power Systems (FMPS). FMPS is a distributed power technology that converts a single, centralized connection to the electrical grid into a source of power for multiple small cell sites. The power is delivered over copper cables to remote sites up to several thousand feet away. Unlike traditional remote line power systems that were limited to 100W per cable pair, FMPS can supply unlimited power, though practical applications dictate something in the 2kW range. The benefits of FMPS technology include simplified network design and lower installation costs. FMPS standards also provide the assurance that technicians can safely deploy the systems. This presentation will provide an overview of FMPS technology, the system components, and the interaction with the copper cabling. It will address the status of new standards development, including ATIS, UL, and NESC. The presentation will conclude with the pros and cons of an FMPS system when compared to a remote line power system or local power.

Short Description

ETA will provide 1 (one) CEC for this session

In this session, a new powering technology called Fault Managed Power Systems will be presented as a means to overcome hurdles in powering small cells.