Bringing Your Fiber Records to the Field - A Case Study on Network Intelligence
Date & Time
Wednesday, August 24, 2022, 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
Clark Stevenson Cody Espinoza

Room 404

Using Tachus Fiber as a template, we will detail how fiber operators can: build a trusted system of record for their fiber assets, bring that data with them into the field, and use the data to make informed decisions throughout the whole organization. OSPInsight Mobile is a cloud-based solution that capitalizes on a broader trend in the fiber network management sector. Fiber service providers all over the world are adopting cloud tools and technologies to improve decision-making, recordkeeping, fiber planning, and more. OSPInsight Mobile is specifically designed to alleviate challenges that have plagued fiber network managers for decades. Field technicians historically kept fiber notes on paper or in spreadsheets stored on local computers. These manual procedures mean that much of this information never gets back to operators, leaving them in the dark about network updates. OSPInsight Mobile addresses this by giving field technicians read and write access to cloud-hosted fiber databases. Technicians can input notes and update fiber records while out in the field, enabling them to offload tribal knowledge, fix errors, and empower operators with accurate information regarding network performance.

Short Description

In this session, Tachus Fiber will show how they implemented system of record software and mobile tools to level up their network intelligence.