Hiring and Training Practices: An Industry Survey
Date & Time
Wednesday, August 24, 2022, 9:15 AM - 10:15 AM
Patrick McLaughlin Stephen Hardy

Room 405

Professionals who design and install communications networks work in a field that, like many, is challenged to refresh an aging workforce with a new generation of skilled labor. This challenge is multi-faceted, as both the recruitment and the retention of workers can be difficult. In a first-of-its kind survey, four media brands serving the communications industry-Broadband Technology Report, Cabling Installation & Maintenance, ISE, and Lightwave-collected information from their respective audiences about these professionals' experiences hiring, training, and mentoring new talent. The survey results also examine the length of time respondents anticipate continuing to work in the industry, providing an indication of the extent to which experienced professionals will be retiring. Join us for this informative session that provides real data on some of the most difficult business challenges facing employers in the communications industry today.

Short Description

Attendees will discover industry-wide hiring and training practice trends, enabling them to compare their companies' practices to cross-industry benchmarks.