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Chris Creager
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Advisor and Board Member
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Chris Creager is one of Brightspeed’s cofounders and now serves as an advisor and board member for Brightspeed. His wealth of leadership experience in transforming wireline telecom businesses and driving customer growth helped guide the company’s successful planning and launch. He continues to use his decades of experience to help manage company strategy and execution.

When Brightspeed launched operations, Chris served as chief administration officer responsible for ensuring Brightspeed delivers on its brand promises for customers and employees, by building a seamless and efficient support structure for the company. He oversaw the company’s procurement and supply chain operations; a real estate and fleet team tightly integrated with operations to support the company’s employee needs; and an environmental, health and safety team building a safety-first culture. Additionally, Chris managed the implementation of a business continuity plan to ensure Brightspeed can serve customers in the event of a significant business disruption and oversaw the program management office for strategic planning and execution.

During his 29-year tenure with Verizon, Chris led large network and multi-billion-dollar business units that created powerful fiber optic access to millions of homes and businesses. His most recent role at Verizon was president of California, Texas and Florida wireline telephone companies, generating $6 billion in annual revenue. Under his leadership, Verizon had a number of innovative breakthroughs which accelerated the deployment and penetration of fiber services and won numerous JD Power awards for industry-leading customer service.

Chris earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from Penn State University and a master’s degree from Johns Hopkins University.
Chris Creager