Edge Compute and 10G Network: the Beginning of a Beautiful Relationship
Date & Time
Wednesday, August 24, 2022, 9:15 AM - 10:15 AM

The Edge Compute (EC) model allows operators to use lightweight nodes like IoT or mobile to process, analyze, and/or store data at the edge. The idea is to bring processing, data storage, and analysis, along with applications closer to the data. By making edge compute closer, operators will save bandwidth, reduce latency, reduce jitter, process big data, and improve other key performance indicators (KPI) in the network. The question is how to ensure that the data remains close to the customer; EC that leverages 10G has the capacity to do that. EC is the key technology that can support innovative services for a wide ecosystem, with stakeholders including operators, infrastructure providers, application, and content providers. When you have smart components out in the network, close to the customer, EC empowers computation so it doesn't have to be taken back to the facility. EC enhances the cloud to stay close to such technology as Smart City, IoT, autonomous vehicles, telehealth, and industry 4.0. When EC is delivered in conjunction with a 10G running over virtualized networks, it allows software to define the network. With greater capacity in the network, operators will need improved methods to crunch the data, scale connectivity for devices, and maintain quality of experience.

Short Description

Attendees will learn about Edge compute in conjunction with a 10G and cloud architecture brings technology closer to the customer, enhancing such technology as Smart City, IoT, autonomous vehicles, Telehealth, and industry 4.0.