Simplifying FTTH Technology Evolution: Combo PON Use Cases
Date & Time
Thursday, August 25, 2022, 9:15 AM - 10:15 AM
Kurt Raaflaub

Growing bandwidth demands from households and businesses are now at a tipping point that exceeds today's GPON network capacity levels. Network traffic is expected to grow substantially, as more high-bandwidth applications become commonplace, including high-definition smart home video feeds, augmented and virtual reality immersive applications, omnipresent IoT traffic, and data-heavy cloud gaming and home office cloud services. Service providers around the globe are looking to identify the right next-generation access strategies needed to build their best network, ensure their competitive position today while providing a risk mitigated path to a network for their future. Next-generation 10G PON architectures offer the ability to address access bandwidth demands well into the future. The primary value of 10G PON technologies lies in the added capacity to scale 100Mbps and Gigabit services to residential subscribers while supporting multi-gigabit services to business customers and Nx10G services for mobile backhaul applications -- all over a single, common infrastructure. Now, operators who are looking to, the next-generation FTTH solutions can leverage Combo PON and can continue to avail of GPON's attractive economics, while simultaneously offering the symmetric high capacities of XGSPON. Combo PON uniquely supports disruptive, future-proofed 10Gbps ONTs while simultaneously supporting new or existing GPON ONTs all on a single port, a single ODN.

Short Description

In this session, ADTRAN will outline key market drivers; network capacity growth projections driving the demand for next-generation PON. ADTRAN will outline the different PON technologies and architecture variants, bulleting out real-world examples, spanning multiple operator segments.